Know the IP number and Mac

The aim of these programs is to detect all devices connected to that network and even reveal their MAC addresses -identificador corresponds uniquely to a card or device network- and device model. It also offers the opportunity to limit access to that particular device.

The problem is that it detects the intruder only at the time in which analysis is performed, whereby if the "thief" WiFi is not connected now can not find out until we agree.

However, to know if they are connected at any given time, access the router. To this we must introduce generally or in the browser or go to Finder Windows (Start / search engine) and type cmd.exe. a black screen on which we write "ipconfig / all" and, once this operation will appear, "Wireless LAN Connection" and then "Physical Address."

Thus, the user can know the encryption system. It is very common that provide internet services opt for the WEP system, considered the most insecure and less desirable.