All About is the default configuration IP address for common routers. The IP address is assigned by default to many different wireless routers.It can be easily changed through a router panel, normally used by Linksys, Netgear, Tplink, Huawei and some other broadband routers.

This address is private, which means that it is not visible to the public even when connected to the Internet. No one can connect to from outside of the local home or business network without special software or hardware.The private networking system makes the combination of many networks into one possible and thereby makes the Internet a reality.

A network has internet protocol addresses for the equipment attached to the network, and most routers reserve the address on a network. To set up a router, you have to make sure a few basic configuration settings are working, and remember an address named, which will come in handy.

A router will assign a unique internet protocol number to devices on the network via a process called the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP. The DHCP screen on the router, accessed from the web address, can also show wireless devices on the network that do not belong in the network.

Again, the internet protocol number for the router is often 192.168.l.l. Once inside the command prompt, you will want to enter "ipconfig/all" to see the 192.168.l.l address or whichever address is listed as your default gateway. The user should open a web browser and point it to http://192.168.l.l.

You will be asked to enter in a username and password, which is usually a username called "admin", and a password called "password". After logging in, the user can change the router's configuration, you can change any setting on the router that you would like.

Tip: Outside access to a wireless network is a risk for every network administrator. Wise administrators use a signal encryption and a password requirement for wireless access.